The Benefits of Traveling Midweek

traveling midweek  

So the week is halfway over and you’re ready for a break, but you’re worried about taking “me-time” midweek. We’ve come up with top reasons for taking a mini vaca midweek! Perks include discounted room rates at hotels, not having to fight crowds, and better deals at restaurants and attractions. Plus taking a break can improve your mental health and productivity, and let’s face it – it is way better than being at work!  

Sweet Hotel Deals

Local hoteliers suggest booking hotel stays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the best rate and most availability. Take the extra money and book a spa treatment! Or hang by the pool, which is likely to be delightfully empty.  

Cheap Airfare

Travel can be less expensive too. Flights can be one-third of the cost if you travel on a Tuesday versus a Friday. Plus, thanks to Lodi’s central location, hopping a quick flight to wine country is a breeze! Lodi is located just 40 miles south of Sacramento International Airport, 90 miles east of the San Francisco International Airport, and about 100 miles northeast of San Jose International Airport.  

Smaller Crowds

Visiting early or midweek can also mean less crowded attractions and shopping. Many Lodi wineries are open 7 days a week to accommodate early and midweek visitors, as are many Lodi attractions. Also, weekdays are a good time to try out that popular restaurant you’ve been eyeing – less people means less wait time.  

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

Feeling bogged down by a project at work? A mini midweek vacation can feel like a bonus and help with productivity. Taking a break and approaching work projects with a fresh pair of eyes can be beneficial. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired and bring back fresh, new ideas!  

Gloating (because you make awesome life choices)

Best of all, your friends will be envious when you post getaway photos while they are working. Okay, that may be a little mean, but maybe next time they’ll join you on your midweek trip!  

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