Top Vegan Restaurants in Lodi

When traveling, it can sometimes be a challenge to find suitable vegan options that provide something other than salad… all the time…

With that in mind, we bring you a list of five can't miss spots for vegan dishes (sans salad) that you can munch on during your trip to Lodi.

fresh spring rolls from a Thai restaurant in California
Photo by Yelp User Karyn H.

1. Thai Spices

Vegans on Yelp say this is the spot to go! 

In fact, one of the most 50 influential vegan bloggers according to, the Veracious Vegan, visited Lodi and dedicated one of her blog entries to how impressed she was at the various vegan options.

Thai Spices works to please every customer, so for most of their menu, they can do vegan and vegetarian versions by substituting tofu or vegetables in exchange for meat.  So, if you see something you like, ask if it can be made vegan because chances are it can! 

An excellent way to start your meal at Thai Spices is with Fresh Spring Rolls full of spinach, tofu, cucumber, rice noodles and carrots encased in a fresh spring wrapper before moving on to something like the Pad Ruam Mit, made of mixed vegetables sautéed in sweet garlic sauce.

You’ll be blown away by all of the delicious smells and tastes emerging from the kitchen, and with extremely friendly prices, you’ll also get a whole lot of bang for your buck!

vegan dish at Towne House Restaurant in Lodi, CA
Photo Courtesy of Towne House Restaurant

2. Towne House Restaurant

Who said fine dining isn’t for vegans? 

The Towne House Restaurant at Wine & Roses Hotel, Restaurant & Spa isn't just a beautiful place to eat lunch or have a romantic dinner date. It's also a spot that has a couple of great vegan dishes!

We know we were staying away from salads in this blog since most restaurants have them on the menu, but if you did want to break that, the Towne House's salads aren't just delicious but are downright beautiful. With such vibrant colors and tasty greens, it's no wonder why salads are always on the table at Towne House.

But we promised you no salads, and we’re sticking to it! So, you absolutely must get their Heirloom Bean Cassoulet, which in truth is a vegetarian dish, but can be made vegan.

The dish itself is full of root vegetables and smoked mushrooms, but does include parmesan bread crumbs and is finished with cream at the end of its cook.

However, just let your waiter or waitress know that you would like the vegan version of the dish, and they'll leave both the cream and the cheese, on the sidelines while you enjoy your tasty meal!


vegan sandwich from Fiori's Butcher Shoppe & Deli
Photo by Yelp User Laurel R.

3. Fiori's Butcher Shoppe and Deli

Admittingly, it does feel strange writing a vegan blog and including a restaurant with the word "butcher" in it, but one of the most exceptional vegan options in Lodi comes from one of the most excellent delis in the city, Fiori's!

Sliced avocados prime the Vegan Veggie sandwich that also includes black olives, cucumbers, tomato, sprouts, mild Bruno’s Peppers, carrots, pickles, red onions and romaine for just about $8.50.

All of their sandwiches do come with mayonnaise so you will have to ask for without, and then complete your order by picking one of seven options of bread (the Dutch Crunch being the local favorite) and enjoy! They’re open every day but Sunday and Monday.

Perfect though, is ordering a sandwich to go and then sit in your hotel or accommodation’s fridge for the night before being packed for a Sunday picnic out at one of Lodi’s 85+ wineries!

Peruse Fiori’s Yelp reviews, and it will only reinforce what you now know.  Even non-vegans come to the Butcher Shoppe, just to order the Vegan Veggie!


vegan meal served with began fries at The Dancing Fox restaurant in California
Photo by Yelp User Amanda H.

4. The Dancing Fox

Take one look at The Dancing Fox, and you'll be mesmerized! The restaurant itself feels like a transport to medieval times in its décor, and beautiful patio area.

But for vegans, it might just be heaven!

There are plenty of options on the menu that aren’t salads, and for non-vegan eating family or friends, so many great options for lunch and dinner!

One such vegan menu item is the Veggie Delight sandwich, which features a variety of veggies and vegan mayo (but does come with cheese which you can ask for without) on the restaurant's house-made loaves of bread. 

Or the Veggieburger, made from local heirloom beans with a blend of quinoa, wild rice, sesame and sunflower seeds, vegetables and herbs.  

Served with arugula, tomato, vegan sauce (and again cheese which you can ask to leave off, or ask for vegan Daiya mozzarella), all on a whole grain seeded bun.

Maybe you're feeling a pizza? The Dancing Fox has those too! Custom make your own wood-fired, 10-inch pizza by choosing your vegetable toppings (onion, bell pepper, tomato, mushroom, artichoke hearts, basil, black olives and arugula), pick your sauce (tomato or basil pesto) and finish it off with the vegan Daiya mozzarella!

Top off your time at The Dancing Fox with their own beer or wine (all vegan too), and you just found yourself a great spot to eat at during your stay in Lodi!

Bon Appetit! 


photo of yogurt signage at Oh My Yogurt in Lodi, CA
Photo by Yelp User Oula H.

5. Oh My Yogurt

You know what, finding a desert with no dairy (milk and butter) is a challenge in and of itself, but we have the spot for you!

On Kettleman Lane in Lodi, you have to check out Oh My Yogurt to get your dessert fix.  With rotating "taps" of yogurt, the shop is always getting new flavors in and are always sure to have at least one vegan option. 

From pineapple to chocolate fudge, yogurt options will vary depending on availability and season, but all of the vegan desserts are typically made from almond or cashew milk.

In fact, the owner’s daughter is vegan, which is one of the key reasons why there are always options to choose from.  

Apart from just the yogurt itself, which is self-serve, there are plenty of toppings to choose from with all vegan options clearly marked!

These five establishments just scratch the surface too! With plenty of options for any diet, make Lodi’s wine country the site for your next vacation!

Download or request a FREE visitor’s guide today and get to planning!

Veggieburger Photo by Yelp User Jackie V.

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