Welcome To Zin City California

Welcome to Zin City California

Find Your Paradise by Mark Edward Harris

Fifty miles from California’s capital Sacramento, the earth yields riches, not in the nuggets in the Gold Country that lie to the east, but a different treasure equidistant to the south. It also happens to be one that is very drinkable.

Because of its terroir – soil, geography, and climate – being uniquely suited for the Zinfandel varietal, Lodi is considered the Zin capital of the world, with its vineyards, produces 40 percent of the premium Zinfandel in California. Many of the old-growth Zinfandel vineyards in and around Lodi feature un-grafted, un-trellised vines. 

The old growth Zinfandel’s that are planted near the banks of the Mokelumne River where the soil is fine sandy loam yield grapes that in the right hands can produce a ... Read More