Abundance Vineyards

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  • Lodi, CA  95242

Abundance Vineyards is a family owned and operated boutique winery. It has evolved from hard work and creative minds melding together to create over a decade of quality, fine standing wines The owners, Dino and Ron Mencarini, have been pioneers in the Lodi winegrowing region since before 1951. Their passion for the industry brought about their interest in producing great wines for an even greater value. The family lives by the philosophy of “Good friends, good food and good wine bring about an ABUNDANTLY good time!”

Abundance Vineyards began as a custom crush boutique winery first setting roots in the Sonoma area and has now planted permanent roots in Lodi, Ca. There is not a vine they own that hasn’t been planted by the Mencarini family themselves and there is not a day that goes by with out a hard earned pop of a cork.
“I never have liked those ‘mine-mine-mine’ types of things,” Dino says, while explaining how his family helps each other. “I like to run my business as equals, like we are all on a ten-mule team pulling together. That’s how we elevate our wine to gold.”
As a child, Dino helped both his parents and grandparents in turning soil to harvest various kinds of crops, making him a ‘child of the soil.’ Although he enjoyed helping with the other crops they were growing, he developed a special interest for the winemaking process.
“I just have a passion for it,” he says. “Every vintage is different, every year is different. I always had fun with it as a kid- now I still feel like a kid.”
In 1961, after years of farming corn and wheat with his father and brother, Dino decided to make a change and focus solely on his passion for grapes. Dino and Ron first planted Carignane and Old Vine Zinfandel with hand made, split redwood grape stakes in the Lodi soil. This soil was rich and the weather perfect for these two varietals.
Since this time Mencarini Vineyards has grown an appellation pallet to paint from that includes Russian River Valley, Sonoma Coast, Ukiah Valley, Santa Maria Valley and most importantly, Lodi. The wines represent their true Italian heritage.
“My vision of the winery,’ Dino explains, “is to give the average working person a high quality wine for an affordable price.”
And that is what these bottles deliver to the consumer. The two flagship wines of Mencarini Vineyards are the ever-popular Abundantly Rich Red of the Lodi Appellation and Lodi’s famous Old Vine Zinfandel. Both the Brick Hill Block and Bien Nacido Pinot Noirs are award winning wines with classic and elegant style. Mencarini Vineyards has also produced two different appellation Chardonnays, Viognier, Merlot and Syrah.
Dino only allows the finest quality grapes from choice vineyards to produce his wines; many even require cherry picking in order to preserve quality. The winery has nine wines with seven different varietals, all containing family history, pride, fun and decency. By providing the proper care and commitment, Mencarini Vineyards has created wines that flow to the consumer making memories and stories through good friends, good food and abundantly good times! CHEERS!

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1150 W. Turner Rd.
Lodi, CA 95242

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