Barsetti Vineyards

  • 400 4th St, Suite 150
  • Galt, CA  95632

The owners of Barsetti Vineyards are Janis Barsetti Gray and Richard Gray. Janis' grandfather Gottardo Barsetti came to Amercia from the southern part of Switzerland in 1903 and settled in Galt in 1912. In 1941, Janis' father and grandparents bought the property where the vineyard exists today.
Up until 1995, when the vineyard was planted, the land supported dairy, beef cattle, and crop operation. The birth of Barsetti Vineyards as a wine label began in 2001.

Both Janis and Richard retired from Fortune 500 corporate careers before pursuing their passion.

400 4th St, Suite 150
Galt, CA 95632

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