GingerBugs Lodi

  • 2 W. Oak St.
  • Lodi, CA  95240

Ginger Bugs Lodi is a fun, clean play place for kids to play but, more importantly, a trendy, comfy place for adults to hang too!

At Ginger Bugs, you’ll find a waddler area where babies can play and practice balancing (and not get trampled), a tricked-out play structure with fun hideouts, play kitchen, soft play equipment, and a gigantic ball pit! We didn’t forget the grown-ups. We have free wifi, a coffee bar, and comfy places to chill!

We don’t think of Ginger Bugs as just a play space and coffee bar but as a community space for families to share, learn, and have fun with one another while supporting their children’s natural behaviors as they engage in open-ended play and discovery.

2 W. Oak St.
Lodi, CA 95240

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