Oak Grove Park

  • 4520 W. Eight Mile Rd.
  • Stockton, CA  95209

This beautiful park is a living example of the Valley Oak Woodlands that once covered much of San Joaquin County. Over 1,500 oak trees tower around this 180-acre park providing natural landscape and shade to the native species that call this park home. The Oaks Nature Center displays flora and fauna native to San Joaquin County, while nature enthusiasts can enjoy a 1-1/2 miles trail with spectacular views of the forest.

Directions: Go west on Hwy 12 to I-5 Go south approximately 4 miles to Eight Mile Road. Exit and go east on Eight Mile. Park is on the right.

4520 W. Eight Mile Rd.
Stockton, CA 95209

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Astronomy in the Park

Astronomy in the Park


January 28, 5:20 pm - The Pleiades, The Hyades
February 25, 5:55 pm - Orion Nebula, Perseus Double Cluster
March 25, 7:20 pm - The Pleiades, Perseus Double Cluster

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