Ultimate Wine Tasting at d’Art Wines

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  • 13299 N Curry Avenue
  • Lodi, California

Ultimate Wine Tasting Event

Private tasting with the Winemaker exploring whites, reds and ports.  Includes selected food bites to enhance the experience.

Saturday March 18th or Sunday March 19th from 2-4pm
$50 Club Members ($75 non-club)-24 spots per session.
Club Members can reserve up to 4 spots at club price

Dave Dart, our winemaker, will answer all your questions on wine, including the effect of Lodi's terroir, harvest, crush, fermentation, aging, bottling and pairing wines with foods. No one knows wines like their creator, and he will make this a fun and educational experience as you learn more about all aspects of the wine industry, including the fine art of blending.

Taste our delicious wines with delightful food bites for a truly remarkable epicuric experience.  We will also drop barrels of wines to sample, which will be available to purchase at signficant savings (wine futures).

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